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Get from us rubber bands for numerous personal and commercial uses..

Mr. Sanjay Kumar a couple of years back realized his idea of opening a rubber products fabrication company into reality and opened the gates of Kamdhenu Rubber Udyog. The brick and mortar unit of the company is situated in a prime location of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The rubber products that the Manufacturer & Supplier fabricates and supplies in all corners of India are Variety of Rubber Bands, including Flexi Super Size Rubber Band, Nylon High Quality Rubber Band, Fluorescent Rubber Bands, Super Elastic Silicone Rubber Band, and Flying Rubber Band.

Industries Served

The industries which make use of rubber bands in some part of their operations are:
  • Newspaper industry
  • Agricultural products industry
  • Flower industry

The production of all kinds of rubber we provide starts from purification of latex, collecting the purified material in vats and combining other ingredients so that rubber particles cling together into a slab form. The slabs are pressed into blocks/bales. The rubber is then mixed with other ingredients with the purposes of increasing the elasticity, adding color and vulcanizing it. The following steps are milling, extrusion, and curing. The rubber bands produced are subjected to several quality checks to measure and test their modulus, elongation, and break strength. These bands are packaged and sold by weight.

Concern for Environment

In our unit, we make sure that the waste generated during the production of rubber bands is properly treated. The waste water generated during the processing is treated with sulfuric acid. For the transportation and distribution of bands, we use filament, which is re-used so that no waste is produced. The bands we offer can be recycled through different processes. The users are suggested to not to dispose the bands in a landfill.

Strategically Located

Our production unit and office is located in industrial area of Boranada in Jodhpur, which is the second largest city of Rajasthan. We are able to deliver the orders within the Rajasthan as well as neighboring states, such as Agra, Delhi, Surat and Ahmedabad, by a strong road network. The state highways that connect the city to other cities in Rajasthan are SH-66, SH-68, SH-28, SH-58, SH-61, SH-19, SH-21, SH-62, SH-63, and SH-65. The national highways that allow our personnel to deliver the order to customers in neighboring states and cities are NH-62, NH-112, and NH-114.

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